How Human Technological and Social Development Fostered the Rapid Movement of People Throughout.

Topics: Human, Neanderthal, Pleistocene Pages: 2 (718 words) Published: August 24, 2013
Assignment Three-

Explain how human technological and social development fostered the rapid movement of people throughout.

With the rise of our newest form of evolution (Homo sapiens), many features of our original designs were enhanced for a greater chance of survival. Though we did not acquire “aesthetically-pleasing decals” like claws, we did get something only our species adapted: aptitudes that were far superior to anything on Earth at that time. Around 50,000 BCE, Stone tools began to be constructed and were just beginning to emerge. Evidence arises from archaeologists identifying Stone Age technology near Aq Kupruk, Afghanistan. At Baude L'Aubesier, France, a Homo Neanderthalensis man from 45,000 BCE is etching bone/stone tools. These various tools would make their journeys a bit more leisurely because to brave the many untouched landscapes they encountered, sharp and tough tools were a necessity. These tools did the job well for how primitive they were. With these innovative implements, human beings began to make rock engravings and other etchings. Scientists have unearthed some of these imprints near Australia and they’re carbon dated at 42,700 BCE. From the land to the ocean, evidence suggests there were even oceangoing boats in use around this time! Obviously, these aquatic vessels would’ve been an immense help to travelers who may need to cross large gaps of water. A necessity for trips across water. Near the vicinity of 30,000 BCE, Homo erectus becomes extinct, having used the same basic hand axe for more than a million years. Even Homo neanderthalensis had become defunct by 26,000 BCE, though scientists still describe neanderthalensis as highly intelligent because their weapons were the first to use "dry distillation." Meanwhile, Homo sapiens survive and have been perfecting new technologies and techniques, such as the spear. The use of sharper objects can be used for hunting and such activities. The spear would prove to be a grand...
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