How Hip hops portrays women

Topics: Hip hop music, Tupac Shakur, Kimora Lee Simmons Pages: 4 (1650 words) Published: January 16, 2014
Jasmine Howard
23 October 2013
Hip Hop’s Portrayal of Black Women
Hip hop has changed drastically over the course of years. In the earlier ages, Hip hop artists valued plenty of originality by creatively expressing themselves in a positive way to their surroundings. Now it seems as if artists are preying on women as if they’re animals by lacking its true originality and being ran over by commercialism. Hip hop represents a tree gradually losing its leaves over time. Somehow, the hip hop culture has evolved from “From the heart it’s a start, a work of art, to revolutionize, make a change nothing's strange people we are the same (Ridenhour, Carlton)” by Public Enemy to “Spit on a bitch, punch on a bitch after I eat some steak, have her tug on my dick” (Odd Future) by Odd Future. These new generations of rappers aren’t setting positive messages for their listeners. Exploiting women in hip hop through music and image is wrong because it will lead to consequences like influencing young men to treat women bad, affect the self-esteem of young girls, and stereotypes of women of all kind. In The Venus Hip Hop and the Pink Ghetto, Imani Perry explains how hip hop exploits women. “Black men rapped surrounded by dozens of black and Latina women dressed in bathing suits, or scantily clad in some other fashion. Video after video proved the same, each one more objectifying than the former. Some took place in strip clubs, some at the pool, at the beach, or hotel rooms, but the recurrent theme was dozens of half-naked women (Perry, 135).” Hip hop has taken the wrong turn. Hip hop has come a long way and if it continues to diverge in a negative route by degrading women, it can affect young people’s actions and behavior. A young generation of boys may feel it is okay to call a woman out of her name and treat her as if she’s a toy to run around and play with. Equally, a young generation of girls may feel as if it’s okay to be treated and spoken to like an...

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