How Have Movies Changed Over The Years

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Movies have evolved dramatically over the past 100 years. There are a lot of new changes that have occurred over time. For example color and sound. Or the cost. Even the computers have upgraded. Color and sound is one of the most oblivious differences between movies now and then . As the text states in How Have Movies Changed Over the years? Movies Used to be silent as a mouse. It was a very popular thing. Families would go watch a film while a piano player accomplished them. Movies of the past also used to be in black and white. That has changed for movies now a days. They are in color, although some movies are still to this day in black and white. The cost of making a movie has significantly went up throughout the years. Even the cost of directors, actors, and actresses have grown. Studios spend millions of dollars to create a film. For example, the text Making Money In Movies states that studios spend more on movies trailers today than they did for the actual movie of those in the past. It does not stop there. The studios still have to promote the movie. They also have to advertise it. Which ca cost millions. …show more content…
They make the impossible possible. Computer graphic allows movies to create images and scenes that seem unrealistic. They can make it seem like the moon is exploding or a cow is driving a truck. It can even make animated movies where the characters almost look. In conclusion, movies then and now are very different. They are different in cost, sound, and even color. Which has had a huge impact on the growth of

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