How Have Conjugal Roles Changed Within the Family.

Topics: Homemaker, Family, Change Pages: 3 (999 words) Published: September 24, 2006
A central concern in the sociology of Families and Households is a consideration of contemporary conjugal roles. A balanced understanding of the current situation requires some consideration of the following problem areas: §The is vs. ought distinction: Values clearly affect research we need to be aware of the distinction between what actually ‘is' observable and what some researchers think ‘ought' to be the case. §Nature vs. nurture: We need to be aware that behavior is complex and that it results from both biological and cultural influence. We need to avoid both biological and cultural determinism §Ideological vs. pragmatic: Change or continuity in behavior within conjugal roles might be the result of either pragmatic or ideological adjustment. Snapshot vs. process: We need to be wary of snapshots of family life and consider the outcomes that result from viewing changes in families over time, and in response to changing circumstances. §Quantitative vs. qualitative: Different research methods yield very different types of data.

Examples of changes of the Conjugal Roles changing have been documented throughout history. Although there may not be an obvious change in them the change may perhaps be subtler because it's true that not everything happens in a bang, even sociologists agree that things must be done in "baby steps" for example Coltrane and Ishii-Kuntz in 1992. Found that when couples waited to conceive and have their first-born child those husbands did more housework than in the couples where they had their first-born sooner. Another researcher into this is Elizabeth Bott her work which extends to "Family and Social Networks". Bott distinguishes between two types of conjugal roles, segregated and joint. She studied 128 working class and middle class couples and found that they both had segregated conjugal roles. In the segregated case, men and women have a clear differentiation of tasks, and a huge number of separate interests and...
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