How Has The Internet Affected Your Privacy

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September 26, 2013
How Has The Internet Affected Your Privacy?

After the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 the government took a big step forward in trying to protect the American people. Today, 12 years later, the government continues to protect the American people online in ways that are questioned daily. The questions remain, does the government really need to be watching us online? What privacy do we have while using our computers?

Imagine shopping at your favorite store, you go in and look around and notice a stranger following you around at a distance. You look back and he is writing something down while you check out. People have the same vision of someone watching them online. They envision that the government is watching their activity on sites and what they download. The big question is can the government really watch us while we are online? The answer to that question is yes, due to the Patriot Act signed into congress. This act allows the government to install wiretaps and perform searches on personal computers. People are no concerned that they will be spied on while they are searching the web whether or not they have done anything wrong or not. It is easy to see why the government would want to watch people while they are online. With social media and other forums, terrorism, and other acts of violence can be brought to the surface. Just this year, the Boston Bomber learned his skills and technique online in forums and watching videos on YouTube. These kinds of acts are examples of where and how the government can step in stop an act before it is acted upon. No matter the situation, the use of the internet will always be brought to the spot light, because of the power and knowledge that people share online.

Although some media outlets lead the American people to believe that they government watches your every move while online, that isn’t true. The truth you will find isn’t as fighting as you are lead to believe. I am sure you...
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