How Has the High Point Furniture Market Uses Outsourcing Resulting in Job Loss.

Topics: Unemployment, Community Development Block Grant, Community Pages: 3 (787 words) Published: August 25, 2013
To:Prodeil McCormick, Carson Stout Executive Director
From: Sheqwana Dunlap, Community Leader
CC:High Point Community and City Counsel
Date:August 18, 2013
Subject:Request to conduct research on the benefits to implement job resources and job training programs at the Carson Stout Community Center. INTRODUCTION
I am writing to request your permission to research the benefits to implement job resources and job training programs at the Carson Stout Community Center in High Point, North Carolina. The increasing unemployment rates in the community have greatly impacted the developmental needs of the community. Majority of the community is unemployed individuals and families, whom are facing poverty issues. The need for job resources and job training programs presents a challenge for unemployed individuals of the community and the city of High Point. CHALLENGE

The city of High Point was formerly known as the, “World’s Furniture Capital.” The furniture and textile organizations produced numerous jobs for our community but today, these furniture and textile organizations have been placed in other parts of the world due to globalization. When the organizations left High Point, many members of the community were left with no jobs and no means of income. The Carson Stout Community Center is a perfect location because many unemployed individuals and families of the community use the services given by the center. Carson Stout Community Center offers a variety of services that help the community but do not offer programs that will allow individuals to help themselves. Unemployed residents of our community have trouble seeking jobs because they do not have knowledge about job networking and/or they do not obtain required job training. Failure to have no means of income tends to make individuals and families in the community rely heavily on government and community assistance. Also, with no job or no means of income, there has been an increase in crime in our...
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