How Has Music Changed Since The Middle Ages

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How Has Music Changed Since the Middle Ages?
Music has change by a significant amount since the middle ages because of the introduction of new musical instruments and new musical genres. During the Middle Ages music was still popular to have but there weren’t many genres, the most common kind of music during the middle ages was flute. There has been a lot of new genres invented/introduced since the Middle Ages like rock and roll, jazz, pop, rhythm and blues, electronic and more, also new musical instruments emerged after the middle ages were some percussion instruments, electric guitar, keyboards and more. If you were to draw a timeline from the middle ages till now it would become visible just how much music has changed since then. During the middle ages the music that was played was played live because there weren’t any technological advancements in music like vinyl records so everyone who was alive at that time would listen to live music. Live music during the middle ages were mostly played at celebrations. The instruments used to play the live music at the celebrations was the harp, fiddle, flute, tambourine and more. The style music played during this period of time was upbeat and very happy and very high pitched due to all the woodwind instruments used. Music has change immensely since the middle ages because of the invention of new musical instruments and new musical genres. The new instruments have helped create new genres, in the middle ages there was one type of music played which was happy and an upbeat tune. Today the music that people listen to today varies depending on the person but back in the middle ages there was only one style. The change of musical style/genre has been very significant because of the advancement in technology, invention of musical instruments and the creation of new musical genres. People have invented new advancements in music but nothing similar to the musical style of the middle ages.
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