How Has Classical Music Changed the World

Topics: Mozart effect, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Brain Pages: 5 (1714 words) Published: July 12, 2010
How has classical music changed the world we live in? The world we live in has changed but Classical music has remained the same. Classical music isn’t really prevalent in today’s society. Classical music doesn’t appeal to this generation. Classical music is more appreciated by older generations. Classical Music is not as popular today as it used to be. It has been around for hundreds of years and it is the oldest type of music out there. Classical music is very complex in nature. Classical music has grown distant from the culture we live in. The rest of the world changed but classical music has remained the same. Classical music hasn’t kept up with the world, so the world has been leaving it behind. Classical music concentrates too much on repertoire from the past. Classical music remains classic and doesn’t appeal to this generation, but there are some benefits. Listening to classical music can develop brain power, aid in learning, create relaxation, and reduces stress. Although Classical Music hasn’t significantly changed or impacted the world; there are some benefits to listening to classical music.

No matter what type of music you listen to now on any radio stations, whether it is pop, hip-hop, rock rap, or r&b, chances of that music staying the same and being around for the next couple hundred years are very slim. Music of today is always evolving and changing; but at the same time, you will still be hearing the timeless classic sounds of an orchestra or a single instrument playing classical music. Classical music stays the same never evolving to change with the world. There are deep disconnects between classical music and the society we live in. Classical music lives in a conservative space; whereas music of today is contemporary with a beat. Classical music has continued to retreat from our culture. Classical music really does sit in a world all on its own, far away from our current culture. Today’s culture is more laid back and informal, whereas classical music is way too conservative, stuffy and uptight. With the emergence of country, rock, r&b, jazz and hip-hop music, contemporary music of today, outside the classical world, has a beat. Classical music doesn’t have a beat because so much of it was written long ago, before the beat of rock, country, r&b, hip-hop and jazz had evolved. Classical music doesn’t carry the sound of contemporary life compared to all the other genres of music in the world today. We now find in the arts serious modern dance, set to music with a beat. Broadway musicals might have a beat. Concerts held in auditoriums and arenas have music with a beat. Music in the movies has a beat. We see music with a beat referred to in novels and poetry, and in serious plays.

Classical music doesn’t reflect the current of everyday life because the music played at classical performances comes from the past. Classical music lives in a world of its own, not the contemporary world the classical audience lives, but not the world anyone outside classical music lives in, either. It seems like classical music can function as a museum, exhibiting works from the past. But museums of today now stress contemporary work, and much of it touches on everyday life, for example, contemporary art exhibits and photographs. Plays, poetry, novels, and pop culture music of today all show the life and culture of our time. So why not classical music? Why classical music moved away from our culture and other arts didn’t. Is it because classical music creates a deeper, more personal, and more deeply emotional bond? Or because classical music – so much of it having no words to fix any meaning – can be considered ineffable, touching deep feelings that can’t be explained? Or is it because classical music – the most expensive of the performing arts – became preserve for the rich, something held out as proof of their cultural superiority? Whatever the cause,...
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