How Had the Bolsheviks Abandoned Their Ideologies During the Civil War

Topics: Vladimir Lenin, Communism, Marxism Pages: 3 (1253 words) Published: April 18, 2011
"During the civil war the Bolsheviks laid the foundations of a new social order very different from the idealized socialist society they had envisaged before coming to power." To what extent is this statement accurate in describing Bolshevik policy during the Civil war years?. Had the Bolsheviks abandoned their ideals by the end of the Civil War years and, if so why had this occurred? The Statement made by David Christian is accurate. During the civil war the Bolsheviks changed their policy in order to remain in power and to win the war. They first outlined their policy and ideals in the April thesis. During the civil war they implemented war communism which laid the foundations of a new social order. The re-introduction of state controlled land and industries was a signal of new social order. Co-ersive machinery was introduced to suppress the people. While the introduction of Centralism was a far cry from their idealized pre-war government plans. The April theses was the major document published by the Bolsheviks which outlined their aims and ideologies before the revolution. Before the revolution they were a insignificant socialist party. Out of the 1500 seats in the Petrograd Soviet they obtained 44. When the April thesis was published on the 4th of April 1917 it attracted a lot of supporters for the Bolshevik party. Because it outlined the parties main aims and ideals it meant the party was organised, they had a set structure. This was in contrast with the rest of Russia which was in total chaos. They were able to capitalise on this chaos by unity the people behind one cause and these were: to bring end to the war and to give the peasants food and land. It also signalled the abolishment of co-ersive machinery by the government to oppress and rule the people. "The April thesis distinguished the Bolsheviks from all other socialist Parties"-David Christian. "During the civil war the Bolsheviks laid the foundations of a new social order very different from...
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