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Topics: Jack the Ripper, East End of London, Whitechapel Pages: 2 (321 words) Published: April 21, 2014
Skok Michael, 3 BI

Jack the Ripper: News Report

Michael Skok:

“Welcome to the British newscast on BBC. My name is Michael Skok and it is 8 o’clock pm. Today a 43 old prostitute was found dead in a rubbish container in the East End of Whitechapel. The corpse had been found by a barman, who wants to dispose the waste. It is now the 5th murder this month but the police is still in the dark. The police officers entertain suspicion that Jack the Ripper could be the murder of all the prostitutes who had been killed in the last month. The victim had been killed in the same way as the serial killer always kills the women. The 43 year old woman’s throat had been cut and internal organs had been removed. Now a short report from Lukas Lehdorfer, who is now at the scene of crime.”

Lukas Lehdorfer:

“Thank you Mike, now I am here near the crime scene. At the moment, the police officers are investigating the scene of crime and you can feel the panic in Whitechapel after the 5th murder this month. There are no evidences at the scene crime, but every suspicion points to Jack the Ripper. One week ago, the police got a letter, where Jack the ripper wrote to kill more women until the police would catch him. Now I am going to interview the detective Wolfgang Weintritt, who his leader of this homicide division.”

Wolfgang Weintritt:

“Good afternoon Mr. Weintritt, are there are any witnesses?”

“God afternoon, no there aren’t any witnesses. No one who lives in this street had heard or had seen anything. Jack the ripper appears and kills a prostitute. Then he processes the corpse and disappears mystery.”

Lukas Lehdorfer:
“Thank you very much for this enlightening summary. Now back to the studio to Michael Skok.”

Skok Michael:
“Thank you very much Lukas Lehdorfer. The next topic today is …”
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