How Globalization Influence the Hospital Industry.

Topics: Globalization, Culture, Hotel Pages: 11 (3673 words) Published: January 27, 2013
How Globalisation Influence the Hospital Industry?
Prof. Sandhya Shrivastava, Head of the Department (MBA), India

Abstract In the 21st century, with the increasing levels of globalization in hospitality industry, hotel companies will need to learn different management approaches to survive and develop in environmental circumstances with high levels of uncertainty as well as understand the implication of future impacts, both positive and negative, of the changing environment in which they operate. As international trade and business expand, there is no question that international linkage will become more important for the hotel industry. This essay focuses on globalization in the hotel industry and explains how the increasing levels of globalization, in this particular industry may affect the internal operating environment (e.g. organizational culture, structure, management styles etc.) of hotel companies Effects of Globalization Globalization has various aspects which affect the world in several different ways such as: * Industrial - emergence of worldwide production markets and broader access to a range of foreign products for consumers and companies. Particularly movement of material and goods between and within national boundaries. * Financial - emergence of worldwide financial markets and better access to external financing for borrowers. As these worldwide structures grew more quickly than any transnational regulatory regime, the instability of the global financial infrastructure dramatically increased, as evidenced by the financial crises of late 2008. * Economic - realization of a global common market, based on the freedom of exchange of goods and capital. The interconnectedness of these markets however meant that an economic collapse in any one given country could not be contained. * Political - some use "globalization" to mean the creation of a world government which regulates the relationships among governments and guarantees the rights arising from social and economic globalization. [4] Politically, the United States has enjoyed a position of power among the world powers, in part because of its strong and wealthy economy. With the influence of globalization and with the help of The United States’ own economy, the People's Republic of China has experienced some tremendous growth within the past decade. If China continues to grow at the rate projected by the trends, then it is very likely that in the next twenty years, there will be a major reallocation of power among the world leaders. China will have enough wealth, industry, and technology to rival the United States for the position of leading world power. * Informational - increase in information flows between geographically remote locations. Arguably this is a technological change with the advent of fiber optic

communications, satellites, and increased availability of telephone and Internet. * Language - the most popular language is English. o About 35% of the world's mail, telexes, and cables are in English. o Approximately 40% of the world's radio programs are in English. o About 50% of all Internet traffic uses English. * Competition - Survival in the new global business market calls for improved productivity and increased competition. Due to the market becoming worldwide, companies in various industries have to upgrade their products and use technology skillfully in order to face increased competition. * Ecological - the advent of global environmental challenges that might be solved with international cooperation, such as climate change, cross-boundary water and air pollution, over-fishing of the ocean, and the spread of invasive species. Since many factories are built in developing countries with less environmental regulation, globalism and free trade may increase pollution. On the other hand, economic development historically required a "dirty" industrial stage, and it is argued that developing countries should not, via regulation, be prohibited...
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