How George Orwell's Animal Farm Parallels the Russian Revolution

Pages: 3 (962 words) Published: August 25, 2013
Animal farm essay:
Every text is a reflection of it compositional context, this is evident in ‘Animal Farm’ by George Orwell. The controversial and political corruptions that occurred in Russia during 1917 are portrayed in this book, which explores the corruption of socialist ideals in the Soviet Union and the negative impact on the uneducated working class people. Animal farm introducers the abuse of language to gain power, in order to satisfy personal greed as well. This book is allegorical as it represents the historical time era of the Russian revolution through the use of animal, which symbolise different people and incidents in this time period revealing the impact of power on individuals. The hypocritical corruption of the Soviet Union at its socialists Ideal is represented in this book. While Jones, who represents Tsar Nicholas II, is in charge of the farm, the animals were all against his attitude towards the animals living on the farm. The Major, who represents both Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin, uses rhetoric to persuade the animals to undertake the rebellion. This symbolises the historical event of Vladimir Lenin taking over Russia as the new dictator. The hypocrisy evident in the novel is the genuine idea to equality. All of the farm animals lived by the motto all animals are equal”, however once Napoleon took over it is clear equality is defined only to benefit Napoleon and his party only. This is represented in the pigs sleeping in Mr. Jones house “live in a house than in a mere sty”, when after the rebellion all the animals agreed that no animal lived in that house. There excuse to living in that house was because they were the brains of the farm, therefore needed proper rest. Mr Jones was described to not have any understanding about what happened in his farm he, “went to sleep on the drawing-room sofa with the news of the world over his face”, this symbolises Tsar Nicholas and his attitude to the rest of Russia. However, ironically Napoleon...
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