How Freshwater Resources Are Affected

Topics: Water, Hydrology, Earth Pages: 1 (299 words) Published: April 20, 2008
Wherever it appears and whatever its form, every drop of the world's water is locked into the hydrological cycle. However, the speed of movement of water through different phases of the hydrological cycle varies considerably. The average time a drop of water stays in the atmosphere is about eight days and in a river about 16 days. But this time can run into centuries for a glacier and tens of thousands of years for water moving sluggishly through a deep aquifer. Though Water drops are continuously recycled, freshwater available in form of lakes and river storage (which is about 0.3% of all freshwater resources) are renewable. Human actions modify the hydrological cycle and can seriously pollute available freshwater. Climate change also affects the hydrological cycle significantly thereby affecting freshwater production and its distribution. With the population growth, urbanization and ever increasing demand on the finite amount of water for different uses like drinking water, industry, agriculture, hydropower and, increased pressure are mounting on our freshwater resources. Importance and Need of Freshwater

No matter who we are, where we are, and what we do, we are all dependent on water. We need it everyday, in so many ways. We need it to stay healthy, for growing food, vegetation, transportation, irrigation, industry and its sheer life giving properties. However, despite the importance of Freshwater Resources in our lives and well-being, we are increasingly beginning to take this resource as being infinite, and for granted. In today's world, much water is wasted, used inefficiently and polluted through its abusive use. The per capita availability of freshwater is fast declining all over the world. If the present consumption pattern continued, two out of every three persons on earth will live in water stressed conditions- moderate or severe water shortages
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