How Far Would You Agree with the View That Juliet Behaves Selfishly?

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After reading the play “Romeo and Juliet”, we know the character of Juliet and her behavior. Is her behavior selfish or not? I think there are many arguments to support both views, but in my view that I think her behaviour is selfish.

Firstly, Juliet was born into a rich and complex family and she is an only child in this family. This condition makes her behavior more selfish as because of her suicide, there would be no one to look after her parents. Moreover, her family and her lover’s family are two rival families. We can see these two leading Verona families always fight in the public streets and disrupt the peace of the city. In such a case, Juliet doesn’t consider anything and she marries Romeo without consulting her parents, so this is another point which shows us that Juliet behaves selfishly

My first impression of Juliet is from when her father and Paris are discussing her. From this conversation, we know Juliet’s father is keen to protect her, because “she’s the hopeful lady of my earth”. Therefore, Capulet urges Paris to “woo her, get her hear”, becausef her consent is more important than his and he is naturally keen that his daughter should find a considerate husband. If Juliet tells her father that she loves Romeo, her father may agree with them, because this conversation shows us that Capulet really likes Juliet. Compared with her father’s care, it makes Juliet’s behaviour more selfish, because she seldom thinks about her parents. For example, she never tells them that she marries Romeo. She also cheats her parents by killing herself, but in fact, it only a plan.

Juliet appears in Act1, Scene 3. When her mother broaches the question of marriage, Juliet consents to consider Paris, “I’ll look to like, if looking liking move”, but promises to make no commitment without her mother’s approval. We can see she is not selfish, because she is obedient to her parents. She tries to love him for her family’s sake, although she hasn’t seen him.

Act1 Scene5, Juliet meets Romeo and falls in love with him. By the end of the scene as she endeavours to discover the identity of this stranger, she says “If he be married, my grave is like to be my wedding bed.” It shows us Juliet behaves selfishly, because she doesn’t discuss him with her parents. Regarding her own love, she doesn’t care about her family even though she is the only child. It’s unfair to her parents and very selfish. When the Nurse tells Juliet that man is Romeo who is the only son of the Montague, she has discovered that this love will have no good results. Nonetheless, she still allows herself to love and marry him. This is another point which reflects her selfishness.

Juliet claims to be in love with Romeo in the balcony scene and she says "O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo? Deny thy father and refuse thy name" She acts selfishly by asking Romeo to give up the inheritance and his family for her. When a person is in love, they care about the other people’s needs and wishes whereas Juliet thinks only of herself. It also can be used to show us that she is aware of the possible problem caused by Romeo being a Montague. However she doesn’t give up and at the end of the scene, Juliet tells Romeo to make arrangements for their marriage, having only met him a few hours earlier and she hasn’t told her parents anything about him. From this point, we can see Romeo has become her whole world and she is obedient and loyal to him. On the other hand, it means Juliet conceals it from her parents and behaves selfishly.

Act Two, Scene Five, is a scene between Juliet and her nurse and fully shows that Juliet behaves selfishly. She is anxious to know why the Nurse has been so long and complains about her. Juliet thinks the Nurse is too old to be love’s herald and she also says the Nurse is an old folk, “Many feign as they were dead, unwieldy, slow, heavy, and pale as lead”. We can see her behaviour is so rude and selfish. The Nurse has the closest relation...
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