How Far Was the Korean War a Military and Political Success for the Usa?

Topics: Korean War, South Korea, World War II Pages: 2 (806 words) Published: May 6, 2013
The Inchon landing, on the 15th September 1950, was a great military success for the USA. It was a high risk strategy; there was a large tidal change, no beaches, and a high possibility that the Koreans would mine the area. MacArthur appointed Lieutenant General Edward Almond with the 1st Marine Division to spearhead the attack. The leader of North Korea, Kim Ill Sung, was taken completely by surprise and therefore no mines had been placed on the harbour, despite Mao (the Chinese leader) warning him that this was likely US move. The operation was incredibly successful and Inchon was secured with minimal casualties. This was a very significant military success in the Korean War because MacArthur was hailed as a military genius, and his popularity back home increased even more. The US forces had triumphed after the previous embarrassing retreat to the Pusan Pocket and the way was paved for the North Korean presence in the South to be totally removed. Following the success at Inchon, US forces were able to push the North Korean back past the 38th Parallel. US forces entered Seoul and this is where the worst fighting took place because North Korean reinforcements had been rushed into the area. The marines were urged to make rapid progress regardless of casualties, because MacArthur and Almond were eager to meet the three week deadline to impress the media. In addition, Walkers army in Pusan forced the remainder of North Korean troops into retreat. This was also a huge success for the US in Korea, Kim’s forces were cut off from supplies and forced to scramble back to the 38th Parallel and his hope of seizing the whole of Korea and been crushed. However, unlike the Inchon landing, it had resulted in many casualties, and therefore it could be described as less of a success for the US. A military failure of the Korean War was the 300 mile US retreat, which was a result of Chinese intervention. Intervention was a risky move for China as the country had been torn apart by...
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