How Far Is Too Far

Topics: Mass murder / Pages: 4 (912 words) / Published: Mar 27th, 2013
Dr. Anne Blanchard
English 1101
March 13, 2013
How Far is Too Far?
In 2012 there were eight major public shootings, and since Columbine occurred in April 1999, 28 public shootings have occurred. The rate of people who have succumbed to fatal gunshot wounds in public areas has increased to 19.5 times higher than those of similar income countries, and there have been at least 61 mass murders since 1982 (Shen, Timeline of Mass Shootings). Whenever any type of mass murder occurs, the same question always remains; what is the motive? How could someone commit such a crime against innocent civilians? More often than not, it is due to some sort of happenstance in the killer’s life. For some it is family life, and for others it may be close friends or colleagues that have created the issue. Whatever reason it may be, it sends the killer over the edge and past their breaking point.
Contrary to popular belief, most mass murders are not mentally ill. It has shown through research that those who are mentally ill cannot accomplish the task of organized murder. It takes knowledge, timing, and careful planning to carry out a crime such as a mass shooting. The people behind organized crime are very much aware of reality, and consequences of their actions. The majority of the killers have common social characteristics such as: isolation, introversion, and a deficit in relationships and social skills (Coutanceau, After Newtown). Therefore, it is conceived that, in most cases, these killers feel like the victim. Whether it is society or a bully at school, the killers feel attacked, and judged by their outer world. This is not to refute arguments saying these people do not have any psychological problems. Many of these people have personality disorders, which are bred from their own perception of events in their minds (Coutanceau).
Though most killers can be profiled and categorized by aspects of their personalities, it is not helpful in predicting who will perform such

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