How far does the condition of the peasant cause the 1905 revolution

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How far do you agree that the condition of the peasants was the cause of the 1905 revolution? By Samantha Whiting
The Russian revolution was sparked of by a number of factors social, economical, political. I believe some of these factors were the root cause and some were contributors I believe they all contributed in their own ways and some contributed more than others and leading to a potential revolution in Russia. Russia had a weak economy, the primary sources of income for the country were mining, coal production, oil and farming. There was increased food shortages in towns this meant an increase in price of food, there was also a decrease in wages this led to poverty and starvation within the proletariat and peasant classes. Russia was in a state of unrest, the desire for revolution was not prominent through all the classes however. The peasants in the beginning where not so much interested in overthrowing the Tsar as they were in filling their stomachs and the working classes wanted better living and working conditions hardly a reason to overthrow the Tsar which leads to the question was the 1905 revolution really a revolution or a cry for help ? In this essay I will discuss the long-term, short term causes and trigger factors of the revolution and how far the peasants’ condition was a cause. Condition of the peasants

First of all I am going to discuss the long term and short term causes’ for the revolution from the peasants prospective. I feel one of the major causes within the peasant class was the redemption payments, they were crippling for the peasants and many of them defaulted on them. This cause leads back to Alexander II and the end of serfdom. So why was something that happened 60 years earlier such a big cause? Serfdom was a form a slavery in which Serfs were tied to land owned by a landlord, they could not do anything on that land without the landlords’ permission and were completely under the landlords’ control. During the...

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