How far do you agree that Stalins five year plans 1929 41 improved the russian economy

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How far do you agree that Stalin’s five year plans (1929-1941) improved the Russian economy? I strongly agree with the view that Stalin’s five year plans improved the Russian economy because of the significant growth in the Russian economy between this times in which the economy was growing at 14% a year. Stalin’s 5 year plans did improve the economy due to heavy industry increased the production of steel. Iron and coal, also by the end of the 5 year plans Stalin’s successfully increased production of vital things such as grain and wheat, the plans also geared and prepared Russia for war. However along with the many pros of the 5 year plans also came some cons, for example many people died within the duration of the plans up to 20 million people died because of his harsh policies during the course of these plans. The first five year plan started in 1929 the aim of this plan was to increase heavy industry all throughout Russia because Stalin believed as quoted that “we are 50 to 100 years behind the advanced countries, either we make this distance in 10 years or we be crushed” so following this his plan was to increase output of raw materials such as steel, iron and grain. To make sure this rapid industrialisation was to happen, Gosplan the supervised committee which controlled the various aspects of the USSR planned economy then employed 500,00 bureaucrats to set targets for every workshop, factory mill and mine, these target set were to unrealistic so because of the unrealistic targets to avoid severe punishments of not meeting these targets people would lie about the production rate to avoid punishment this caused false production figures. Furthermore some people also to meet these targets just tried to produce as much as possible and this eliminated the quality of these products produced, as historian Sheila Fitzpatrick argues that it was an experiment in Gigantomania the doing for size and quantity over quality for the sake of production. Another aim of this...
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