How far do you agree that the years 1945-55 saw only limited progress in improving the status of African Americans?

Topics: Supreme Court of the United States, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Brown v. Board of Education Pages: 1 (705 words) Published: February 8, 2015
How far do you agree that the years 1945-55 saw only limited progress in improving the status of African Americans? Between the years 1945-55 the rights of African Americans improved slightly, with improvement to social rights and the introduction of taking civil right cases to the supreme courts. Despite the marginal improvement in America I believe that the years 1945-55 only saw limited progress. Under President Truman some steps in the right direction were taken, even after the African Americans fought for the US in the Second World War the army wasn’t segregated. One of Truman’s first acts was to desegregate the army this was an important step for the nation as the army was very popular and symbolic in the US. During Truman’s inauguration ceremony he desegregated the crowd which for the first time allowed both white and black Americans to stand shoulder to shoulder, which showed his commitment to making a change to civil rights. Truman had also supported the attempted desegregation of Dulles airport, although not fully segregated the restaurant that many foreign dignitaries’ ate in, was. During the decade (45-55) non violent resistance was a popular way of taking direct action, in 1953 a newly built school was boycotted because of its blatant superiority to the surrounding black schools. In the Arkansas voter campaign the population of black voters rose from1.5% in 1940 to 17.3% in 1947. The NAACP’s lynching investigation squad was very successful, they would mount legal cases against lynch members and often achieve justice, this was one of the main reasons to the decline of lynching by the start of the 1950’s. The real success began in the 1950’s, the civil rights activist groups had developed new ways of challenging the government, with successful court cases that saw brown begin the desegregation of schools. Brown vs Board of education was a huge success for black rights; firstly the court ruled that ‘separate but equal’ was fair. But when it became...
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