How far do you agree that African Americans were treated as 2nd class citizens in the USA between 1940 and 1946?

Topics: United States, African American, Race and Ethnicity Pages: 2 (680 words) Published: October 2, 2013

How far do you agree that African Americans were treated as 2nd class citizens in the USA between 1940 and 1946? African Americans were the victims of racial inequality and discrimination in the USA, meaning they were often seen and treated as ‘the lower class’; awareness of the inequality blacks had to deal with increased during the war, and changes starting occurring just after the Second World War had ended. Legal segregation was introduced in the Southern States of America, also known as the ‘Jim Crow’ laws; this was accomplished by passing local laws, which meant black Americans were denied access to the same establishments used by white Americans. For example, healthcare, education, public facilities, transport, restaurants, cinemas and bus stations were all segregated. Segregation also occurred in the Armed Forces. Over 1.2 million black men joined the United States army. The soldiers had different canteens and vehicles than the white soldiers, many were given menial jobs such as cooks or cleaners; which took away their chance to fight on the front line, and those that did receive the chance to fight were given poor equipment, were trained poorly in rural camps and were sent to the most dangerous part of the battle field. The blacks realised that they were fighting for a freedom in Europe that they did not have at home, and wanted to challenge this as more became increasingly aware of the treatment of blacks in America. In the late 1940s North America, some blacks were able to vote, but even with this right to they wouldn’t be able to gain any sympathetic representatives in the government. On the other hand, in the south of America, very few blacks were able to vote; this was because the white registrars made it greatly difficult for the black people to register to vote, often asking them ridiculous questions on the literacy test, such as ‘How many bubbles are there in a bar of soap?’ This shows some of the unfairness the African Americans had to deal...
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