How Far Did President Hoover S Policies And Attitudes In The Years 1929 33 Merely Prolonged The Impact Of The Depression In The USA

Topics: Great Depression, Herbert Hoover, Economy of the United States Pages: 3 (1386 words) Published: April 29, 2015
How far did President Hoover’s policies and attitudes in the years 1929–33 merely prolonged the impact of the Depression in the USA.
It could be argued that President Hoover’s policies and attitudes prolonged the impact of the Depression. This essay looks upon the fact that this is the case, that it was Hoover’s policies that prolonged the Depression. Furthermore it will argue the side that believes Hoover did all he could to help the American economy going again. Source 7 argues that Hoover’s attitudes and policies were inadequate and “failed again and again”. Similarly, Source 8 states that the belief in his own policies hindered his ability to shorten the depression. Alternatively Source 9 argues that Hoover’s policies and attitude were good for America as a lot was done in order to get Americans back on their feet. However, it is clear that Hoover simply did not do enough in order to deal with this economic crisis as he was seen to be very “stubborn”. This is what source 7 argues. It could be argued that President Hoover’s policies and attitudes merely prolonged the Depression. Republican Presidents such as Hoover believed that Governments should not intervene in the economy of the country and they believe that eventually the market will sort itself out naturally. This is known as a laissez-faire attitude. Hoover believed that people should take care of themselves and not become lazy and depend on government help. Hoover liked the idea of voluntarism. Hoover believed that the workers and business should work together voluntarily but as Source 7 states “he failed again and again” to solve the economic problems that faced America. For example, workers should work for lower wages. Due to his hands off approach that he took during the 1930’s it is argued that he was not radical enough and could be seen as taking things “too modestly” as Source 8 states. This shows that Hoover’s attitude, to stand back and let the economy correct itself, actually did prolong the...
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