How facebook affect our lives

Topics: Newark, New Jersey, New Jersey, College Pages: 2 (374 words) Published: April 18, 2015
Jonathan Rodriguez
Professor Jhon Singleton, M.A.L.S.: Composition
ENG 105-002
September 28, 2014
It is ridiculous how social media can affect society in different ways. Actually social media is part of society. I, Jonathan Rodriguez interviewed a Nicholas Manuel Dono, a student of Essex county college in Newark, NJ. We both talked about the pros and cons of the social red Instagram. Born in United States, but his parents are immigrants. His grandparent’s on his mom´s side of family came from Italy and his dad´s parents migrated here from Portugal. He is of Portuguese-Italian descendent and currently resides in Belleville, New Jersey. At first Nicholas was not too excited for college because he was working hard every night in a towing company, he was making good money, but he realized that he did not want that life. Therefore Nicholas decided to attended to college and complete his goals. Mr. Dono with 19 years old is focus to obtain an associate degree in a Civil Engineering with plans to transfer to New Jersey Institute Technology (NJIT). In the interview we discussed about how Instagram can have positives and negatives influences in our everyday lives.

Nicholas started of use Instagram in his junior year of high school, it was in 2012. In the interview, Nicholas expressed ¨ I never looked for the advantages and disadvantages of using this social red¨ (Nicholas); he just followed a passing social red fad. When I asked Nicholas about his experience of using Instagram, he started to talk about a personal problem. He replied: ¨I found another profile with my name and my picture ¨ (Nicholas). He realized that social red has risks that he never known about it. I agreed with Mr. Dono, that Instagram does not have a security system to know who the real person is, and who is using determined profile. I suggest to Nicholas that he should choose the persons who follow him, persons who really know about him. Another suggestion is that he should put a certain...
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