How Extracurricular Activities Have Enhanced Eductional Experience

Topics: Critical thinking, High school, Extracurricular activity Pages: 2 (360 words) Published: September 18, 2012
Research has found that participating in extracurricular activities, especially the arts leads to three major positive implications.  Participation in extracurricular activities leads to critical thinking, development, and helps to get out of trouble.

   First, there is evidence that inquiry-based curriculum positively influences critical thinking and that the arts are a form of inquiry-based. "Learning in the arts builds strengths in several critical thinking dispositions and offers evidence that the arts do indeed enhance the disposition to think ethically"

This evidence shows that participating in arts programs enhances the learning experience and enhances critical thinking skills, which are imperative for my success as students Annandale High school. Offer arts programs to their students, which give their students opportunities to take advantage of this proved success.      Second, studying the arts enhances development.  "Study of the arts enhances my intellectual, personal, and social development...and research has shown that those who study the arts improve their achievement in other subjects, including mathematics, reading, and writing" (Paige). 

Not only does participation in the arts enhance development in three areas, but also it improves success in other subject areas.  It is clear for me that participating in arts programs has major short and long-term benefits.  It helps me in my areas of personal development, but also intellectual development.  "Participation in school activities leads to higher self-esteem and an enhanced status among peers" Especially in middle and high school, my self-esteem was such a large part of my life.  Experiencing a high self-esteem throughout high school is extremely beneficial because as a freshman I was already introduced to junior and senior students that knew me personally.     Thirdly, participation in extracurricular activities have helped me to work in community clubs and organizations are important...
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