How exercise effects heart rate

Topics: Heart rate, Heart, Oxygen Pages: 4 (1415 words) Published: November 25, 2013
Effect of Exercise on Heart Rate.
The aim of this experiment is to find out how different intensities of exercise effect the heart rate I will measure it in beats per minute using a polar heart rate monitor. Hypothesis:
I predict that as I increase the intensity of the exercise I do, that my heart rate will increase. This is because as I exercise more intensely I will need more blood to my muscles to supply oxygen and take away carbon dioxide; therefore my heart is going to have to beat faster to keep up with oxygen demand, so oxygen debt doesn't occur and so that carbon dioxide can be taken away as it is a waste product. Variable to manipulate:

For this I can use one of three choices these are;-1. Work rate, as in the speed I will go on the running machine and change for different intensities. -2. Time of work, meaning how long I will work for, and change for different time intensities. -3. The work load I will run with. I could change this for different intensities. I will use the work rate as my variable to manipulate; therefore I will be changing the speed at which I run in Km/h. This means that I will not change the time I work for or the work load I work with. Variables to remain constant:

I will keep through out my experiment four constant variables, these are the following; the heat, I will keep the heat at the same temp through my temperature in the room of which I exercise by making sure the air conditioning is set at a set rate of temperature. The time, I will keep the time I work for on the running machine the same at two minutes for each run. I will use the same equipment throughout the experiment, this means that my experiment will be a fair test throughout; I will use the same clothes, shoes and running machine throughout the experiment. I will always make sure that before I start my exercise, that my heart rate is at its normal rate, therefore it would be a fair test as my heart rate wouldn't start higher than normal therefore giving a...
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