How Education as a social institution impacts the Caribbean

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Describe how education as a social institution impacts on Caribbean Society and Culture
Several social institutions exist in today’s society and they are family, education, religion and the justice system. The Caribbean is defined as that area on the earth located between five and twenty five degrees north of the equator and fifty five and ninety degrees west of the Greenwich meridian. In the Caribbean, education is one of the institutions that is viewed as having the most promise for betterment of a people. Education as a social institution greatly impacts the society and culture of the Caribbean. Education can be defined as the group of social organizations which see to the transmission of knowledge and skills needed for economic production. These processes are viewed to have two sides coming from the functionalist and Marxist perspectives. It is the general view however that the society which can be defined as a formal association of people with common interests and is directly affected by education. Education also impacts the culture of the Caribbean. Culture includes but is not limited to the beliefs, knowledge, attitudes and roles acquired by a people over time. Education influences the socialization, role allocation and social mobility of a people’s culture and society.

Secondary socialization refers to the process where persons are made to react with others outside of the family setting which often leads to a broadening of social skills. The functionalist believes that society works in harmony also believes that this social institution places the child in a better position to make their way in society. This process has direct influence on our society in the Caribbean. As a person enters into an educational institution they become participants of secondary socialization whether they are aware of it or not. They become influenced with new views of religion, roles, material objects, knowledge and simple values previously known by them. Education is an...
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