How Drug Addicts Affects Families

Topics: Drug addiction, Addiction, Physical dependence Pages: 3 (862 words) Published: November 18, 2013
How Drug Addicts Affect Families

Many families now a days seem to struggle with addiction somewhere within their family. Whether a person is dealing with addiction themselves, or instead going through the painful steps alongside a close family members, drugs tear apart everything they encounter. Because drug addiction is such a tough battle to overcome for some people, many family member often feel an obligation to go above and beyond on efforts to help the drug addict only to often times realize they are sometimes in the battle alone. Unfortunately, it’s often times very difficult for some addicts to actually acknowledge that their addiction has spun out of control, and that it is now negatively affecting not only themselves, but each and every person that loves them. Some people feel that drug addiction is a victimless crime; however, a drug addict’s lifestyle often times negatively affects not only their own quality of life, but those who love them the most are affected quite harshly.

With drug addiction, mood swings are a very common side effect. Some people have extreme highs meaning that may act wildly with lots of energy, often times become violent, or have a false sense of pure happiness. In other cases, some drug addictions cause the person to become groggy, lethargic, ill, and may tend to live somewhat of a loner lifestyle. With drugs altering a person’s personality so much, it’s difficult for others, even the drug addict’s children, to bond and connect with the drug addict. According to the article “The Set Up: Living with Addiction”, Dr. Tian Dayton MA, PhD, TEP states, “The intensity and type of connectedness in addicted/traumatizing families can create the types of bonds that of people tend to form during times of crisis.” True connections are made when both parties are mentally aware of their emotions and their acting in rational ways.

Drug addiction also has a history of leading a person into a life of low morale. In order to get what...

Cited: Dayton, Tian MA, PhD, TEP “The Set Up: Living with Addiction”
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