How Does the Writer Make the Reader Feel Pity for Veronica?

Topics: Emotion, Empathy, Mother Pages: 2 (717 words) Published: March 9, 2013
How does the writer make the reader feel pity for Veronica?

Basically, the writer chooses Veronica’s friend to be the narrator- Okeke. Instead of making Veronica the narrator but the reason is that because the writer could use the narrator to make us feel pity for Veronica more easily and gives the reader more sensational feeling. She does not seem to care that there is no hope for a better life or the future. This is perhaps the main reason why we as readers feel more sympathy towards Veronica too.

Firstly, the writer quickly introduces the two main characters from the beginning of the first paragraph so the writer could quickly portrays her family’s background and her theme to make us feel pity for Veronica as the writer mentioned “We had grown up together in my native village”. This sentence is a minor sentence of the narrator but because of the title of this story is named “Veronica”, the reader first’s impression might be that this is a girl name. Now the reader knows that there’s a female character but we do not know about the gender of the narrator yet as Veronica has not mention the narrator’s name. After the writer introduces us into the story the writer attempted to make the writing about her family’s background as vivid as possible as this is giving the first impression to the reader so the writer must tackle the reader’s feeling as hard as possible to make the reader feel pity for Veronica throughout the whole story. First technique that the writer uses is personification about her mother and father. For example “Her father was a brute and her mother was weak”. This implies that either the father beats the mother or Veronica, the situation is uncertain as the writers haven’t mention who he tortured. But because of the human stereotype the reader now knows that her family is definitely poor. But later on in the text the writer shows us that Veronica is beaten by her father, such as “Night after night I would lie awake listening to her screams”...
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