How Does the World Change as the Light Changes?

Topics: Light, Eye, Color Pages: 2 (804 words) Published: May 14, 2014
How does ‘the world’ change as the light changes?
When light intensity around us changes, we look at things differently. A man in a clown suit could seem like a symbol of happiness but in the dark could represent an eerie cover-up. As the sun was setting, there were a number of things that changed in terms of vision. The most obvious change was that objects became harder to make out. For example, a park bench in the distance witch was obvious before sunset became difficult to see after the sun had set. This can be explained by the amount of light visible in the surroundings, as our cones are less sensitive to dim light then rods. Another change in visual features after it became dark was that it was harder to distinguish between different types of colours. Even thought there is a lesser amount of light. In my opinion, this change cannot be attributed to the diminished source of light. When our surroundings change from light to dark, it is obvious that vision is more difficult. However, after this change, after about 20 or so minutes, we are able to notice that vision becomes clearer then immediately after the initial change in light intensity. This could be due to the rods becoming more dominant over the cones in this space of time as they are more responsive to dark vision than cones. After this change, I noticed that colour vision was not as rich as it was when the sun was shinning brightly. As the sun was setting, little details amongst objects became less apparent. Before the sunset, looking at a tree, it was easy to see all the leaves and branches. As the amount of light continued to lessen, it became increasingly difficult to see the small details in objects such as the leaves or the grass nearby. After a while, even the leaves couldn’t be seen and only the outline of the tree was apparent. This change can be accounted to the fact that cones are more sensitive to visual acuity than rods. Another change in vision after the sunsets is depth becomes more...
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