“How does the study of history and political science aid a career in those fields?”

Topics: History, Sovereign state, Political philosophy Pages: 1 (282 words) Published: December 30, 2013
USH Honors 2
September 5, 2013
“How does the study of history and political science aid a career in those fields?”

Political Science is a study done on all branches of government as well as common political activity. And History is a study of our countries past, examining all events and decisions that took place and how they molded America into what it is today. Taking Political Science and History, mastering both courses can lead to successful careers in government, publishing, and business. But more importantly, we shall be talking about how the two will aid you in becoming a historian. Being a historian isn’t as popular or well sought after as government and business fields, but can be just as important. As a historian, it is your responsibility to record information and events happening nationwide and work in conjunction with the military and national archives to record their information as well. In the future people will look back on history and read through your writings to see the nation’s archives. Now an established knowledge of political processes & systems, political behavior, public policies, and so forth will better ensure that the reader of the future looking back onto history will understand how the government evolved, In addition to this a wealthy knowledge of our history will allow for more content you can create and submit to libraries and the federal government. To sum up my discussion, if a young college graduate seeking to fulfill their dream of becoming a historian, it will be your inevitable duty to inform our citizens of the future of our governing system, and a study in political science and history will aid the success of that goal.
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