How Does the Recurring Imagery in Macbeth Add to the Power of the Play?

Topics: Macbeth, King Duncan, Duncan I of Scotland Pages: 3 (1160 words) Published: October 15, 2012
How does the recurring imagery in Macbeth add to the power of the play?

In this essay I will discuss as to whether recurring imagery within Macbeth adds to the power of the play. I will do this by using quotes and different points from the play. Imagery is the use of vivid or figurative language to represent objects, actions or ideas. Macbeth is a play that is been around for a long time. It is well known and the creator of it, William Shakespeare is known all over the world for the great plays that he created and Macbeth is one of them. After I have explained the play in four different paragraphs I will explain how they affect the power of the play.

Shakespeare uses the imagery of blood predominately throughout the play. He illustrates many scenes that contain anger and violence with blood. Shakespeare uses imagery of blood in many different was such as; ‘ a little water clears us of this deed’ (Act 2, Scene 2). This occurs when Lady Macbeth has a mental collapse. There are other examples of using blood as imagery such as; ‘ go carry them and smear the sleepy grooms with blood’ (Act 2 Scene 2). Blood has marked many things from Duncan’s servants to the Murderer’s face. Blood means family, the ‘blood-boltered Banquo’ points to kings of his blood. Also another quote about blood is; ‘ will all great Neptune’s Ocean wash this blood clean from my hand?’ This quote is using blood as a metaphor, Macbeth is upset about what he has done and is implying that he has done bad things and he can’t clear the blood off of his hand, when there isn’t actually any blood on his hand. Blood comes up again and again in this play. Shakespeare uses it well and it adds to the power of the play well.

Shakespeare also uses the imagery of darkness predominately throughout the play. Darkness is a fitting backdrop to the very start of the play. The three witches are gathered upon the heath with thunder and lightning, which creates a mental picture of the darkness. This gives an...
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