How does the poet communicate the strength of her feelings?

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How does the poet communicate the strength of her feelings?
“Birthday” by Christina Rossetti is a poem in which the poet constantly tries to communicate her intense feelings of love, whether it is for a man or religious. The title itself is a metaphor, which attempts to convey her love. Birthdays are moments of happiness, celebration where the person receives all the attention; and that is how she is feeling: like this love makes her as happy as her birthday and that her love is worth the attention. This is also shown when the poet is always saying “My heart” and “my love”, to try to intensify and maybe convince others of her strong and true feelings. This love is best gift or joyous moment she has ever had “The birthday of my life”. In the first stanza, the constant use of similes makes the strength of her feelings very explicit. By comparing her heart to a “singing bird” illustrates how her love is free and joyful, “whose nest is in a water’ d shoot” which suggests that her love is growing day by day. The fact that the poet had to use similes repeatedly to express her love, shows how her love can’t be explained as it is abstract. And not even those comparisons are able to convey her deep love, as her heart “is gladder than all these” The second stanza has a completely different mood than the first one, showing the grad gestures she thinks her love is worthy of. When the poet uses imperative sentences such as “Hang it with vair and purple dyes” depicts how she believes her love is as rare and valuable as purple dyes at the time; almost as if her love should be considered royal. There are several religious allusions, which emphasize the strength of her emotions. The “apple tree” and the “doves” are common religious symbols; the apple tree being part of Adam and Eve (Eden) and the dove representing freedom and peace. These symbolisms emphasize how this poem is also a reference to how powerful her faith and love is for God and her religion. This poem was...
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