How Does the Media Negatively Affect the Public and Celebrities

Topics: Britney Spears, Paparazzi, People Pages: 3 (999 words) Published: July 21, 2010
So does the media negatively affect the public and celebrities? The short answer is yes, it does. There are a variety of reasons for this, but I have leant that the main reason is money. People within the media industry want to get rich, and they want to get rich fast.

A prime example of this is the paparazzi. Our obsession with celebrities is growing by the day, but have you ever wondered who the paparazzi are? How celebrity’s personal moments get immortalized in gossip magazines? The desire to feed the hunger for celebrity news is driving overly aggressive paparazzi tactics; the paparazzi pursuit causes danger to the celebrity, to the paparazzi and, let's not forget, the public. From incidents regarding Princess Diana and Britney Spears, too many people are happy to hate the paparazzi but don't see a problem buying magazines filled with their pictures.

Go back several years and you would have only seen them at red carpet events such as the Academy Awards, but now you arrive in Los Angeles and they’re everywhere. It’s their job to photograph celebrities and then sell their photographs on to gossip magazines and websites. But is it really ethical? I don’t believe it is, sure it would be fine if stars went to glamorous events and got a few pictures taken of them. It gives fans a chance to see what their favourite celebrities have been up to and show fashion forward teenagers what the celebrities new outfits entail, this sort of photography is to be expected. It’s good for the celebrity and good for the public.

But now in magazines we see celebrities shopping at the grocery store or driving their cars. Is that really needed? Does our 21st century society really get satisfaction out of seeing these images? If we opened up magazines and saw images of normal people doing everyday tasks and chores we would get bored rather quickly. So why are the gossip magazines filled with these supposedly boring photographs? Perhaps its just because they’re famous or is...
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