How Does the Constitution Guards Against Tyra

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Today Im writing about my life I am a young women who is about to graduate from school am I very happy bout that but so I can go to college. But at the same my personal life is not how I wanted , I was happy once upon a time but now that ive been through so much I just cant take it, I lost the most important thing in my life. And it’s my fault I don’t know what to do. I try to talk to other there people but aint no point, of being who I truly and desire to be that’s how I felt at first. But now that I feel just hate and anger and it’s the only way I can survive. I tell my self that everything will be ok, but everytime I be around him I feel weak in the kness and just get light headed and the way he hold and I just feel like we are in heaven. But just by a touch I still get that feeling and it’s a really good feeling. And I keep telling myself that he would be the last person I will have sex with because when im with him I feel good and it just. Don’t know what to think anymore. But now that my attitude one change I go day by day and see how it goes, I take I take it slowly but im happy well at least I think I am but I finally got called a bitch by a man who I just met all because I wouldn’t give him 5 minutes to talk to me and its kind of hard because because even though I have feelings I don’t let show like I normally do. Someone told that its always good to not let people read you its always good to be closed and he was right but that im not focused on anybody else meaning no boys I think I have more time to myself but the whole reason of not focusing on my self I love to find something to distract me from the truth. But now that I don’t have a person to talk to them im stuck. But I know one thing im ready to leave I know I should come back but everybody here is really starting to piss me off and I I told my mom that I was staying while she move but I did that bekux I don’t want to stay wit her I want to do my own thing but Ik I am going to college I want...
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