How Does Ted Huges Present Nature in His Poetry?

Topics: Poetry, Simile, Human Pages: 3 (859 words) Published: October 28, 2009
How does Ted Huges Present Nature in His Poetry?

Ted Huges presents nature by using different descriptions, techniques, vocabulary and the way he structures his poems. In the three poems ‘The Thought Fox’, ‘The Jaguar’ and ‘Hawk Roosting’ Huges presents his view on nature using animals. However he does portray the animals quite differently one a self-cantered and vicious creature, another, elegant and innocent and the last a trapped creature with no boundaries. Huges give animals’ human like features and because he is using hem to present his view on nature he is using humans as well. Huges often uses animals to present nature to show the high and low of our environment, and how it is alone, and by humans causing global warming we are making it even more alone. Huges tells it how it is with no cover up, simple and true.

For instance in ‘The Thought Fox’ Huges tells his audience what the fox is doing, how the fox is an elegant creature. He portrays the fox quite different to your common stereo-type fox which are often thought of of being sly, cruel creatures. Although it seems the poem is about this fox it is actually about a poet looking for an idea and he sees out of the window the fox and decides to write about the fox. This technique is called an extended metaphor which Huges uses a lot, other techniques that Huges uses in the ‘Thought Fox’ consist of enjambment (one line or stanza running on to the next ‘…And again now, and now, and now/Sets neat prints into the snow’. The mood is calm and quiet, there are no jumpy parts which makes it seem like the fox is calm and quiet. You can sense that it is just the two of them, the poet and the fox, which gives a sense that they are both alone in the world everyone else is sleeping which is how I think Huges presents nature-alone.

In the Jaguar, through Huges using the techniques of extended metaphors, imagery such as personification and enjambment Huges tells us how the jaguar is feeling. The general...
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