how does susan hill present Arthur Kipps and his reaction to his

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It is a little disconcerting , the laid back attitude of the hire car companies employees as we assumed a half asred job. The first road sign we see when departing the airport is keep left, obviously put out by the hire car company. So of course, we are driving on the left side of the road as we wheel into the first roundabout, horns honking and Mum muttering. I tighten my seatbelt for our rather frightening drive to Beeches Negril Resort on the island's west shore. Jamaicans seem to drive either way too slow or much too fast. And, with one middle-passing lane shared by vehicles driving either direction, drivers seemingly enjoy playing a nervy game of who was the ballsiest.

We do arrive safely at our all-inclusive resort and, after the drive. The cheery, personable valet also bumps fists with me, offers the phrase "Respect Mon, “and hands me a fancy tropical fruit drink.. We sip our drinks, now fully relaxed on a comfy sofa in the breeze-filled Colonial-style parlor. Some more laided back employees then take away our bags and takes to our room. I have to say however that the employees may be laid back but they must be efficient as there was “no problem Mon” and “no worries”, leaving us with no complaints.

The island of Jamaica is the very essence of "cool," .It's the perfect sun destination for the family, and birth place of Bob Marley . The locals are inviting, contagiously funny, laid back, naturally warm, friendly and themselves content with what they have, even when they are trying to sell you carved mahogany trinkets or, on one occasion when we took a stroll off resort property, a little bit of Marijuana.

To keep busy, the resort allows for outdoor games of shuffle board, basketball or Crazy golf and offers indoor pool tables and a games room, Billiards in the pool, gliding down waterslides or bellying up to a poolside bar for a cocktail are enjoyable pastimes. Guests can also scuba dive and explore the vast biodiversity of life as it...
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