how does sports affect you

Topics: Obesity, VO2 max, Body fat percentage Pages: 2 (1146 words) Published: October 31, 2014

Social physical and mental benefits of physical exercise
Sports or physical activities can be classified into many different types including high impact and team sports. However they all have 3 main benefits: Physical, Mental and Social. Many people take part in sports mostly because they enjoy or want a physical challenge however they do not realise that in doing these sports they gain physically, mentally and socially. Physical

32480259588500-285750326326500The physical benefits are most renowned for getting you into shape, so having a lower body fat percentage and improving muscle tone. You hypertrophy in the heart (and regular muscles) which can cause Bradycardia (meaning that your resting heart rate is below 60bpm) this means that you have an exceptionally strong heart since with each pump your heart is pushing out more blood so it doesn’t need to pump as many times per minute. Your body shape will become more aesthetically pleasing this co-insides with the mental benefits because it can boost self-esteem and confidence. Other benefits include higher BMD because bone is living tissue so when any form of resistance is put onto a bone new tissue will form which ensures a higher BMD. Your flexibility will be improved, so the range of movement you have in any single joint due to stretching will be greater. Your VO2 max will also become greater. So the amount of oxygen which can be consumed in a certain period of time, if you have a high VO2 max then you will be able to endure exercise for longer since you are able to consume more oxygen. 1628140269049500However there is one physical benefit which many people do overlook are the medical benefits. It will prevent high blood pressure because it keeps your heart and blood vessels in good working condition. It also will stop heart disease since there is little fat surrounding the heart which is vital for a good working heart. Fighting off viral and bacterial infections are easier to prevent since you are...
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