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How does SNS change the way communicate between people in Vietnam?

By hienanguyen Apr 02, 2014 461 Words

How does SNS change the way communicate between people in Vietnam?

About 5-10 years ago, people communicate directly in the normal way. But then Social Network System appeared and it changed a lot the way people communicate, especially in Vietnam. Nowadays, young people who grow up with the Internet and all the technology out there, actually they take all of it for granted. It’s easy to have a new technology devices and it’s also simple to learn how to use it. The communication between people had never been so easy because of the development of social network like Facebook, Twitter, Instargram,… It change how we meet and stay in touch with people1. The time before, people usually still meet directly at the events like parties, public places but now it’s more easy to get close and keep in touch with people through their activities and what they share on social network. It also a tool to find and make new friends who have the same interests. In other words, social network is a new way to communicate and maintain both old and new relationships. Social network is a where we get our news2. Every morning, you wake up and check for news, not on public online newspaper anymore but on social networks, where your friends and people you follow share their stories and informations. Of course, people still use online website and publications of interest, but we just look for the information that we care. Moreover, by getting information on social network, you can know who interested and communication with them about it. Social networks is also change how we start and do business3. People can look for what they need and search for it on social network through pages of interest. Social network also help people who want to start their business but less money for advertising, it give them an opportunities to connect and promote their product with people. In another hand, social network change the way we reveal4. Nowaday, you can easily express yourself and your feelings, openly sharing your point of view on social issues through social network. You must control what you thoughts and your actions when you are on social network because you will take responsible for what you share on it. It will influence not only your own life but also the society. Conclusion, the world have been changed by the appearance of social network. It change the way communicate between people. Beside of communicate by phone and meet in person, you can have more way to communicate and connect with people. If you understand the benefits of social networking and know how to use it effectively, you can create more opportunities for your future career and change your whole world.

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