How does Religion give you guideance

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What Guidance does Religion gives for right conduct?

In this paper I will explain my views on what guidance religion gives us for right conduct. Many religions that I know teach us how to live righteous lives and give us the instructions on how to do so. I will also explain how religion and guidance are related. Having guidance in our lives helps us to determine our fate. Religion gives us a focus and helps us understand our purpose to the life we live. With religion instilled in us as a society, it gives us a belief system. With this belief systems it can help prevent violence, sin, and destruction. Religion is the roadmap to a righteous life. If we did not have this belief system there would not be a concept to living a righteous life, nor will exist a “right” or “wrong” in anyone’s eyes. Without belief in religion there would be no sense of repercussions to one’s action. There will be no remorse to bad decisions. Without the belief in religion people would not have faith that there is a higher being (GOD). And the world as we know it would be destroyed. .

Guidance is the act of leading or giving direction.
Religion is a belief in superior being or entity containing a moral code of ethics.

Religion is a belief and gives a purpose to one’s life. With religion people have a sense of their past and a guideline to their future. Religion is our guideline to living a righteous life. We have guidelines that we follow as a society at home, at work, and with our day to day operations. For example at work we are trained to be professional and polished so that we can represent the company that we are employed by. This concept is the same for the religion you believe in. GOD our creator didn’t create us to dwell on this earth without giving us instruction or training on how to live here on earth. The Ten Commandments was given to us as a protocol to our life. Religion teaches us morals, values, and gives us the instructions...
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