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How does Religion give you guideance

By eshacrowely Feb 26, 2014 1120 Words

What Guidance does Religion gives for right conduct?

In this paper I will explain my views on what guidance religion gives us for right conduct. Many religions that I know teach us how to live righteous lives and give us the instructions on how to do so. I will also explain how religion and guidance are related. Having guidance in our lives helps us to determine our fate. Religion gives us a focus and helps us understand our purpose to the life we live. With religion instilled in us as a society, it gives us a belief system. With this belief systems it can help prevent violence, sin, and destruction. Religion is the roadmap to a righteous life. If we did not have this belief system there would not be a concept to living a righteous life, nor will exist a “right” or “wrong” in anyone’s eyes. Without belief in religion there would be no sense of repercussions to one’s action. There will be no remorse to bad decisions. Without the belief in religion people would not have faith that there is a higher being (GOD). And the world as we know it would be destroyed. .

Guidance is the act of leading or giving direction.
Religion is a belief in superior being or entity containing a moral code of ethics.

Religion is a belief and gives a purpose to one’s life. With religion people have a sense of their past and a guideline to their future. Religion is our guideline to living a righteous life. We have guidelines that we follow as a society at home, at work, and with our day to day operations. For example at work we are trained to be professional and polished so that we can represent the company that we are employed by. This concept is the same for the religion you believe in. GOD our creator didn’t create us to dwell on this earth without giving us instruction or training on how to live here on earth. The Ten Commandments was given to us as a protocol to our life. Religion teaches us morals, values, and gives us the instructions on how to live a productive life. Religion gives us training on how we should conduct our lifes.

Religion is the key for guidance and is the foundation that structures our lives. Some of the laws that this country is governed by comes from the word of GOD. For example you should not steal, you should not kill, you should not commit adultery, and you should not murder, etc. Some of these laws are enforced by our government, however I believe that a higher being (GOD) will have the final judgment. These laws that we abide by are from the religion in which we seek guidance from. Furthermore guidance and religion go hand and hand. Many religions have a structure that gives you guidelines regarding personal behavior and determining between right and wrong. This can also be referred to as your conscience. Conscience is a sense of what is right or wrong in conduct or choices.

In my opinion your conscience is GOD’s way of speaking to you. It is an effort or a guide to a person’s conduct by reason, in other words doing what is best and having consideration for everyone that is affected by the outcome. Your conscience is another tool for guidance. It helps distinguish the difference between right and wrong. It can also work as a guilt mechanism to prevent bad choices. At times we think about our consequences before we act in situations. This happens because religion trains us to know and understand that there are repercussions to our actions. I personally am a firm believer in praying before I make a rational or irrational decision. This way I can seek guidance into making a positive decision with a good outcome.

From my religion I have gained Faith. For which Faith is the only thing that is more powerful than fear. It states in the Bible “Fear of man will prove to be a snare, but whoever trust in the LORD is kept safe.” (Proverbs 29:25) “Perfect loves drives out fear.” (John 4:18) “For GOD has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power and love and of a sound mind.” (Timothy 1:7) Faith is another tool for guidance. It allows you to understand your purpose in life. In many ways faith gives you direction and keeps you well grounded. Faith allows you to have a clear path to a meaningful life. With faith you have a roadmap to living a righteous life. Without faith in our lives it could mean destruction to our society

Life without religious guidance, the world as we know it would be altered. Guidance is direction and without it one’s life can lead to turmoil. If we did not have religious guidance there would be no sense of remorse for anyone’s wrong doing. For example if no one had guidance or believed in the Lord, there wouldn’t be a fear for consequence to anyone’s actions. People everywhere would rob, cheat, kill and steal without fear of any repercussion. If no one believed in a higher being (GOD) there would not be any understanding of Heaven or hell. People would not have a conscience and concern for any outcome. There will be no understanding of our past or the future. Without the foundation in religion there would be no purpose to life. Without morals and values there would be nothing to lead us toward the path of righteousness. Think of it this way, if you just got hired as a police officer and you had no previous experience or training. On your first day of employment, your boss hands you a badge, a gun, and a police vehicle. Without having any training this situation can lead you to a dangerous situation to yourself and or others. This is the way life works as a whole without training also known as guidance this will lead to destruction.

So to answer the question of what guidance does religion give us for right conduct? Religion gives us substance for our being on this earth. Religion teaches us to be honorable and law abiding people. This is the blue print to living a righteous life. Religion also teaches us morals and values in which we use this knowledge in our everyday lives. Faith is driven because of religion. Morals are our code of ethics. Our conscience is what helps us to make ethical decisions. Morals, values, faith, and guidance are the fundamentals of religion. Religion is the key for guidance, and guidance is the tool to right conduct.

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