How Does Public Administration Impact Your Life?

Topics: United States, Management, Public administration Pages: 1 (262 words) Published: June 21, 2006
How does public administration impact your life?

Public Administration impacts everyone's life in different ways. Public administration helps people and makes a positive impact on society. They are organizations and agencies that apply and control different areas of society. It creates and changes public policy programs to respond to the needs and interests of our nation. Every aspect of our daily lives is impacted in some way by the actions of the federal, state, or local bureaucracies that manage and organize the public life of its citizens. Public Administration controls everything from the way we travel, our health, our education, etc. The American Public Transportation Agency improves and advances public transportation. They provide safe, proficient and cost-effective transit services, and improves those services to meet national energy, environmental, and financial concerns. They are responsible for planning, designing, constructing, financing and operating transit systems. The Department of Health and Human Services is the United States government's principal agency for protecting the health of all Americans and providing important human services, especially for those who are not able to help themselves. This public administration includes the FDA, Food and Drug Administration, that assures the safety of foods, cosmetics, the safety of pharmaceuticals, biological products, and medical devices. Also, the HRSA, Health Resources and Services Administration, which provides access to important health care services for people who are low-income, uninsured or who live in rural areas or urban neighborhoods where health care is limited. These agencies are just a few of the many, many agencies that impact our everyday lives.
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