How Does Phonics Develop Early Reading and How Should Phonics Be Taught?

Topics: Phonics, Reading, School Pages: 4 (1510 words) Published: March 25, 2013
How does phonics develop early reading and how should phonics be taught?

The most important skill any child can leave primary school with is the ability to read independently and effectively for meaning.’ (DFE National Literacy Strategy) Reading has become an integral part of our lives; within the world we live in today we rely heavily on information and environmental text. It is important that from an early age Children are immersed in books everyday. With parents reading short stories to there children daily it will be inevitable that those children will stand a better chance at becoming stronger fluent readers. However distractions at home can have a detrimental affect on children’s development in reading as parents may not have enough time to help this. Many subjects rely on access to texts and an holdup or absence in basic literacy skills will effect progress in these areas. Phonics is “a method of teaching people to read by correlating sounds with symbols in an alphabetic writing system.” (Oxford Dictionaries) Phonics is not something new and has been used in schools to help children learn and read since the “mid nineteenth century” (Browne 2011, 27) Although it had become less significant within schools during 1950’s it has continued to appear in practice within schools since.

Within this essay I will be looking into the role of Phonics within teaching children to read while also looking at the different phonic systems in place and choosing the most effective one. I will be talking about the theory I have learned as well as my experience in schools while on placement with my foundation two class.

There are two methods of teaching phonics in the classroom both Synthetic Phonics and Analytical Phonics. I will be concentrating more on Synthetic Phonics as it is considered to be “the best method for teaching reading.” (DfE 2010, p11) Children are taught to read and spell during the same period. They are taught the individual correspondences between...
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