How Does Organic Fertilizer Affect the Height of a Tomato Plant (in Writing Process)

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The Effect of Organic Fertilizer to The Height of A Tomato Plant Submitted by:
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Wednesday May 1, 2013

Statement of The Problem
Problem: The Effect of Organic Fertilizer to The Height of A Tomato Plant Hypothesis: Organic fertilizer enables a tomato plant to grow taller in a short amount of time. Materials:
1. 2 tomato plants of the same type
2. 2 pots
3. Soil
4. Sunlight
5. Water
6. Organic fertilizer
7. Journal and camera (for observations and documentation)
1. Put 2 tomato plants of the same kind in separate pots.
2. Grow them both in the same appropriate manner; subject both to sunlight, fertile soil, and daily watering. 3. Subject 1 of the 2 plants with organic fertilizer.
4. Label both plants as “Plant A” and “Plant B” or such, so that the plant grown with fertilizer can be easily identified. 5. Document, observe and record both plants daily.
Independent Variable: Amount of fertilizer used on one of the plants. Dependent Variable: Growth of both tomato plants in height.
Controlled Variables: Type of soil, type of plant, amount of sunlight, amount of water.

Review of Related Literature
1. Agriculture and Gardening
Types of Tomato Plants and Cycles of Growth
Tomato plants are one of the most popular garden grown vegetables. Though the tomato is thought to be a fruit, it is mostly used as a vegetable. Like other plants, tomato plants grow from seeds. As there are various types of tomatoes, the time needed to grow varies from type to type. Cherry tomatoe grows in about 65 days, while plum tomatoes take about 76 days to grow. Medium-size varieties mature from 50 to 81 days. Finally, large tomato plants mature anywhere between 62 to 80 days. Before selecting a type of tomato, the amount of time taken to grow should be considered first. Growing Tomatoes Inside...
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