How Does Music Influence Sex and Human Behavior?

Topics: Tempo, Jazz, Brain Pages: 2 (558 words) Published: April 10, 2011
Those who enjoy jazz have 34% more sex than those who like pop (the sax really seems to work) and the least sexually active are those listening classical music.

Some music genres boost intellectual and affective development in children. Research showed that children aged 3-4 learning to play an instrument can improve mental skills this way, as at this age connections between brain cells form very rapidly, and exercising just for a few minutes daily improves on the long run the cognitive abilities in children. Children playing the piano scored 35% better in intelligence tests than children going to computer classes or not taking any class at all. Still, heavy metal makes them more crabbed and reluctant.

Music influences neurological-motor disorders. In some cases, incapacitated

Parkinson patients can move only when remembering songs from their youth. Specialists say that we get accustomed to rhythm from the womb and our reaction to the rhythm might be due to the heartbeat or breathing. That's why most people prefer a musical tempo of 70-100 beats per minute, exactly the heartbeat rhythm of a healthy human adult.

Music combinations of harmonies and disharmonies were found to induce a fluctuation of the blood pressure, sometimes imperceptible, and this influences our feelings. That's why delicate music calms us down, while disharmonic music turns us tensed. But if music is based too much on harmony, it can be boring for the brain. The length and arrangement of the pauses in a melody makes us perceive it joyful or sad.

If the left hemisphere of the brain is linked to language, music is believed to be placed in the right hemisphere, regarded to be the center of the feelings. That's why music triggers spontaneous reactions. Moreover, our feelings and affective reactions are stronger linked to auditive than visual stimuli (a wounded person does not trigger so rapidly our reaction if he/she is quiet, but this will be instant if he/she is...
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