How Does Jimmy Change During 'Fat Boy Swim'?

Topics: Bullying, Feeling, The Chapters Pages: 4 (1413 words) Published: June 19, 2013
Fat boy swim is about a boy who's life has changed dramatically, from traumas and triumphs. Jimmy used to get bullied, he would cower in the corner and not be able to face the harsh critics. But when he started swimming he discovered a passion with connections to school, family life, appearance and most of all his dreams.......... When Jimmy has a crush, his confidence is boosted and he feels like superman! 'Up,up and awayyy!' The writer has written the feeling of a superman in an indirect way so we can interpret how much we think Jimmy has changed, depending on our personality. This is a good way with connecting to the auidience. To me this tells me that weightlessness of being 'superman' gives him so much confidence to stand up to bullies, and is loseing weight; so it makes him light and 'free'.

Jimmys weight has changed during fat boy swim, he used to fat and obese- "he only shuffled half a dozen steps" he could barely move as his rolls of fat just got in the way and his wheezyness slowed him down. This makes me feel quite sympathetic for him as he can help his weight but cant be bothered to change. This may be because he feels like there is nothing worth living for, as he hasn't got a friend- or started swimming. At the end of this book he begins to lose weight and gain confidence. This is shown in chapter 27 as it says 'He swung through the changing room doors like a gladiator' The word swung suggests he was 'bouncing' through the door which potrays he was very happy. 'like a gladiator' also shows he was happy and brave- or confident because gladiators are known to be brave and confident. As gladiators fight a vicious battle and it's quite an acheivement defeating your opponent, it tells us that Jimmy has achived something really great and he is proud.

Jimmys personality has changed a lot during fat boy swim. He used to be very quiet and timid. ' he didn't allow himself to dwell on reasons why things happened'. This shows Jimmy's laziness and if...
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