How does it feel to be a problem

Topics: Syria, Jordan, Family Pages: 1 (391 words) Published: January 27, 2014

1. The story is about a 22 year old Palestinian male that lives in New York. After hearing from one of the leaders at his church telling the group that to many study medicine and other things and to little of them study journalism. He is then inspired to be a leader and hero that the Palestinian people can look up to that help get the truth across. He gets an internship at ‘al Jazerra’ an Arabic news channel where he does extremely well and is quoted to be one of the best interns. He later goes on to look for a job in the media world for fox, nbc, etc. but is turned down for no apparent reason. He begins to ask people why they think he might of got turned down. He goes to find out that possibly al jazerra had something to do with it. Later goes on to find out the NYPD, FBI. And DEA are looking for people like him to join the force because the lack of Arabic speakers.

2. I believe that his relationship with his family is a good one because there are constantly different people that he talks to for support on what he should do. I think that in the story he mentions that through a family connection at the UN he gets the interview with “al jazerra”. He has a good connection with friends that he meets with at the Arab group that he mentions. He likes a girl named Nadine but needs to prove to her father that he has a stable job and is worthy of her. His relationship with the US is not the best; all the companies that are refusing him are American news companies.

3. The key conflict that he faces is determining whether the United States and their news companies are being racial and biased of him or is he being biased of them because he is Arabic and worked for a big Arabic news channel. I think he demonstrates the sense of self at the end of the story when he begins to talk about his frustration and finds out about other family relatives who have jobs in America. His father said it was the recession, and Omar realized that Al Jazerra owes him a job....
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