How Does Healthy Diet Affect Your Life?

Topics: Nutrition, Health, Medicine Pages: 1 (452 words) Published: October 19, 2011
Many people really don’t pay attention to the foods they put in their body until they get sick and need medical aids. I know that many of us love to eat fast food, but Is it worth if it catches up with us in the long run. While eating healthy would stop you from getting sick, and lower the cost of health care. A healthy eating not only enriches our body, but also prevents us from getting high doctor bills. How can we eat healthier? Healthy eating means picking all natural foods from the basic food groups such as dairy, fruits and vegetables, grains and stop eating too many sweets and fats. Most people eat foods with no idea of the calorie or fat value. This leads to weight gain and unhealthy eating habits. As we know that fats are another vital part to a healthy diet. Good fats are needed to provide for our brain, heart, nerves, hormones and all our cells as well as our hair, skin, and bones. Good fat also satisfies us and make our health stay positively while other increases our risks of heart disease. One can get tired of thinking about all of an avoiding sickness so He/She could get back from eating unhealthy. High medical bills can leave one bankrupt. The problem that comes with unhealthy eating also come with high medical cost. Doctors who specialize in illness dealing with obesity and heart diseases tend to have high premium cost. Medical illnesses can be a financial nightmare leading to bankruptcy. Therefore, people should be watching out of their intake foods before they get sick. Studies have shown that some of the leading causes of death like heart disease, cancer, stroke, and some lung diseases can be prevented by good healthy eating habits. Eating properly and staying physically active is the key to stay healthy. Sometimes it is hard for some people to start an exercise routine. Thus, they can gradually start off with two or three days a week of exercise. Daily physical activity can help prevent heart disease and stroke by strengthening the heart...
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