How does Grinding Material Affect Grinding Efficiency?

Topics: Mineral, Density, Energy Pages: 1 (333 words) Published: February 26, 2014
The ore is grinding into small pieces by means of grinding medium (the steel ball, steel forging, and steel bar). The purpose is to make useful minerals and gangue mineral composition of ore to dissociation maximum, to provide size to meet the requirements of beneficiation process materials.

Grinding is a very important job in dressing plant and grinding product quality will directly influence the classification index. The grinding process is a high energy consumption process. Therefore, to improve the grinding and grinding work index is of great significance to dressing plant, but also one of the important direction of development of mineral processing technology.

There are two effects on the material in the ball mill, impact and grinding function. The material is mainly affected by the impact of grinding body. It is the point of contact between the grinding body and between the grinding body and liner plate. Therefore, as for the grinding body itself, its density, strength, abrasion, the shape and the surface have a great effect on the ball mill efficiency and quality. 

As for the bulk density, on one hand, the greater the bulk density is, the greater the quality is and so kinetic energy is bigger, the material impact and grinding force is greater, more easily crushing and grinding crushed material. On the other hand, with the same quality, the volume of grinding body density is large, the volume is small. With the same loading, the number of grinding body is relative small and the impact number of grinding materials is more.

Wear resistant steel ball is an important grinding media of ball mill. The ball volume, density, abrasion, the appearance has a great influence on the grinding efficiency. As a professional casting ball manufacture, KAIYUAN COMPANY has a long-term and in-depth research in grinding efficiency. Combining with the actual situation of manufacturer, KAIYUAN COMPANY makes the appropriate ball ratio which helps manufacturers save cost...
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