How Does Fertilization Takes Place

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I. Introduction

Having a baby is undoubtedly the most joyous and exhilarating experience in the life of a woman. Deciding when you are ready to take the responsibility of bringing forth a life is just the beginning of this journey. Preparing your body and your mind for this momentous occasion is equally important. It will help women in conceiving faster and without any inconvenience.

Conception is usually the start of the most wonderful experience of your life, the creation of a baby. For many women, conception is the easiest part of pregnancy, getting pregnant was no problem, yet they struggle throughout the pregnancy. Whilst other women have problems with conception, however experience a trouble free and enjoyable pregnancy. The point is that each and every one of us is different. There are no rules about conception or pregnancy that we all conform to, nature intended for us all to be unique. Yet, there is general information that is useful for all of us, especially those of looking for information about conception.

In some instance, multiple births occur. Having twins, triplets or even more children can be overwhelming for many new parents and their concerns are understandable. However, not all are gifted with twins or higher order multiples due to several fetal and neonatal complications that can be associated with it. The ratio of multiple births to single births varies considerably in different countries considering also some genetical factors that affect the conception.

It is therefore the purpose of this is research is to know how fertilization takes place and what are some factors that might affect the conception. With this research, we will be able to know how multiple births occur, what are its causes and the risk factors of having a twins or triplets.

II. Definition of Terms
The following terms are defined in the study:
1. Blastocyst. This term refers to the name of the fertilized egg after initial divisions. 2. Fallopian tube. This term refers to the passageway for the egg once it is discharged from the ovary’s surface. 3. Gametes. This term refers to a cell that fuses with another gamete during fertilization in organisms that reproduce sexually. 4. Litter. This term refers to the offspring produced by a multiple birth in non-human placentals. 5. Multiple Births. This term refers to the birth of two or more offspring produced in the same gestation period. 6. Ovulation. The term refers to an egg bursts from the surface of the ovary. 7. Ovum. This term refer to a female reproductive cell, capable of developing a new individual. It is sometimes referred as egg cell. 8. Sperm. This term refers to a male reproductive cell, shaped like tadpole but only 1/6000 inch form head to tail. 9. Zygote. This term refers to the fertilized egg.

III. Review of Literature
Organic Conception

According to Dr. Mary Lake Polan (2005), chair and professor of the department of obstetrics and gynecology at Stanford University School of Medicine, achieving optimal fertility health is one of the most important considerations of couples deciding to start a family. "Over 15 percent of couples in the U.S. have difficulty conceiving a child," she says. "In about one-third of cases, the male is infertile; in one-third, the female has infertility issues. The balance is due to either male and female infertility or unknown issues."

The causes of infertility issues and conception difficulty are multifaceted and often correctable. Of the many reasons for difficulty in conceiving, the most common may be due to hormonal imbalances or nutritional deficiencies. "Nutritional and lifestyle changes can play a major role in fertility health," says Dr. Polan. "Smoking, caffeine, drug use,...

References: course, with the resulting group called a litter
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