How does Engineering affect my life

Topics: Engineering, Engineer, Transport Pages: 3 (1134 words) Published: March 17, 2014
How Does Engineering Effect My Life

Engineering has affected my life by transporting, sheltering, and expanding my knowledge. Engineering is important to me, but not just me, everyone because without engineers/engineering we would not be as smart as we are now. My quality of life has increased because of engineering. Engineering has helped my quality of life increase by improving my surroundings, and 90% of people’s knowledge is based off of engineering because Robert E. Kahn and Vint Cerf created the “Internet” and solid information was added to make it a source of info. The word engineering I would say is a subheading of the word Technology and technology has been around for thousands of years. Engineers are people who design and build machines and other helpful types of objects. Tools created by the engineers helped the culture and it made that engineer become a little smarter. Engineers are the people who design and develop things that you use every day. From the alarm clock that wakes you in the morning to the toothbrush that cleans your teeth before bedtime, many of the things you use have been engineered for you. Students identify the engineering that impacts their day-to-day life. One reason is shortage; we lack people to design things to better our lifestyles. Another reason is that engineers make new things and improve old things so we can live safe and easy lives. As long as we have engineers we can improve as people. We can change our future living conditions and limit ourselves to renewable resources when it matters! Alternative Transportation means the methods of transportation we use other then cars. What is Alternative Transportation? How are we all affected by the use of Alternative Transportation? First off, the development of things like Hybrid Vehicles have been accomplished and although they use gas, our overall goal is to reduce greenhouse gases because they contribute to climate change. We want to avoid increase in climate change as...
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