How does Education Help?

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English 1A
25 June 2014
What Can College Do For You
What do you go to college for? The argument of having a college education starts with some people agreeing that a college diploma will get the higher paying jobs, where others can do without higher education because it is simply not needed and is deemed useless. In the society today, students can not answer why attending college is beneficial, and most do not have a clue as to what they are attending for. Many people do not have the urge to attend college because of the unknown competencies that can help make college students experience more beneficial and not a waste of time. With the fall in the economy, college students have had an issue with the high expenses of attending schools such as higher rates of college tuition and purchasing expensive school books. Not all students have the luxury of affording these expenses, so most work and go to school at the same time. Rebecca Mead, author of “Learning by degrees," states a quote from Professor Richard K. Vedder, professor at the University of Illinois, “Some of them could have bought a house for what they spent on their education” (829). Here, Vedder explains the high rising costs of education and compared the cumulative price of college to the price of a house. The essential courses needed to obtain a degree are priced from an estimated 40-200 dollars a unit; that does not include housing, transportation, meals and school supplies. People might look at these rates and will want to back out on college altogether, but most students are not informed about the many ways to receive financial assistance for school, and do not have the knowledge how to go about applying for help. Financial aid is offered to those who meet the income qualifications; with the money received, most if not all unit fees and book expenses will be covered. For those that are not lucky enough to receive financial aid, scholarships are also awarded to those who applied and won. Winning a scholarship can not only make school affordable, but can also help get into a selective college and looks good on a resume. Scholarships are mostly overlooked because students do not know how many scholarships are offered each year, so attending financial information meetings at colleges or universities can be beneficial to a student needing help to pay for education. The beginning years of college is the time to find yourself and find what it is that you want to do. It is seen all too often where a student comes into college to pursue a major their parents had already preselected since birth. Mark Edmundson, author and English professor at the University of Virginia, states in his video, “Many students come into school having been primed by their parents and their teachers to go into business school, to go into an economics major, into a science major, whether they are a scientists or future business people in their hearts or not.” Here, Edmundson explains how students are easily influenced by their parents and usually go to college to major in something that make students unhappy. The effects of pursuing undesired majors are high dropout rates and throwing away thousands of dollars on degrees that people are not happy with. Aliena Tugend, author of the article, “Vocation or Exploration? Pondering the Purpose of College,” explains how a university should be a place to explore and experience other areas such as art and history (2). Being exposed to the humanities such as extracurricular activities, history, art, music and so forth, gives students more of a choice of what it is they want to do; it gives students more knowledge and more of a deeper meaning beyond just “required” prerequisite course and allows students to acquire the tools they need to succeed while in college and after. While pursuing a major, internships might be required in order to obtain a degree, or it can be used as a tool to gain skills for that specific job. Working for free might...
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