How Does Crime Affect Society

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Choose the correct grammar structure to complete the sentence. Each question has only one correct answer. There are 33 questions to this quiz. Try to use only 1 minute per question. At the end of the quiz, you will receive quiz feedback. -------------------------------------------------

Top of Form
Q: _____ his illness, John continued to play rugby.
Even though

Q: After many peace corps teachers return to the States, ___________ professional English teachers. often they become
they often become
and often become
Q: _______ that the American Indian crossed a land bridge into North America from what is now Russia. It is considered
It is thought
It was thought
Q: None of the students _____ a car.
have got
Q: _______ the Depression, individual stock ownership was common in the United States. It was during
By the time of
Q: Never before _____ as rapidly, as during the last three decades. communications have developed
have communications developed
have developed communications
Q: It is not yet clearly understood _________ cause obesity
why eating too many hamburgers can
why can eating too many hamburgers
eating too many hamburgers can
Q: The Eiffel Tower is ________ the Leaning Tower of Pisa.
as popular a tourist attraction than
as popular a tourist attraction as
as more popular a tourist attraction as
Q: While most New Yorkers believe in ghosts, ______ do not.
are a few who
there are a few which
there are a few that
Q: With his first painting 'Le Temple du Mordu', George Lesereaux _______ to establish himself as a master of pointilism. could
with ability
was able

: ______ Chinese is more difficult to learn than English.
It is certain that
Certain it is that
Certainly is
: Thinker and poet, ___________ the Brinker prize for his poem 'Alexander' in 1976. Claude Pinocchio was awarded
was awarded Claude Pinocchio
was awarded to Claude Pinocchio
Q: Research now proves that eating fish and chips is healthier than _______ when eating hamburgers.
eating hamburgers.
to eat hamburgers
Q: It was ______ Johnny finally gave up.
such difficult that
so difficult that
so a difficult test that
Q: __________, I would have returned it immediately.
If I knew that you wanted to read it
I had known that you wanted to read it
Had I known that you wanted to read it
Q: In the 1990s, _________ its premium position in the world economy. the USA returned
the USA returned to
the USA returning
Q: _______ in a home where two parents work is a difficult task indeed. Children brought up
To bring up children
Bringing up children
Q: There has not yet been any decision made _______ will represent the country at the Olympics. concerned athletes chosen
as to which athletes
those athletes
Q: ______, Shakespeare was also a prolific writer of sonnets. Noting for his plays
Famous plays
Noted for his plays
Q: The Concord, which was ______________ jet, could reach New York from London is approximately 2 and 1/2 hours. fastest in the world
the fastest of the world
the world's fastest
Q: Scientists _____________ nano-technology capable of computation at the atomic level. newly have developed
have recently developed
have still developed
Q: ________ is portrayed in Hermann Hesse's 'Steppenwolf'.
Man searching his soul
A man searched his soul
A man in search of his soul
Q: Despite ____________, Jack continued to lose weight.
he increased his food intake
increasing food intake
increased food intake
Q: Singer and entertainer, ____________ for his beautiful and expressive voice. was Frank Sinatra famous
famous was Frank Sinatra
Frank Sinatra was famous
Q: It is not only important to be on time, __________ courteous when replying to colleagues. but also is it important being
but is it also important to be
but it is also important to be
Q: ______ was this check written?
To who
To whom
Q: Children attending private schools ____________ being...
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